Albcon b.v.


Trasmolen 11

3352 AH Papendrecht

The Netherlands

Tel: +31 78 6425111

Fax: +31 78 6425112



Managing director Ing. P.Alblas EWE


Shipyard (Feasibility) Studies

-                Yard layout design; Dutch newbuilding-, repair-shipyards and several foreign shipyard studies

-                Shipyard development projects

-                Production bench-marking and competitiveness

-                Ship and Shipyard cost structures



-                Member of national project team on the future developments of Shipyard processes; concurrent engineering, designs for production, organisation sharing

-                Member of project team Technical Due Diligence Inquiry Shipbuilding

-                Development of course material Shipyard /-building technology for Universities

-                Development and introducing new technologies into (international) Shipyards

-                Development and implementing of advanced production engineering practices

-                Productivity improvement programmes

-                Welding quality assurance programmes as certified European Welding Engineer


Project management

-                Work breakdown Structure Shipbuilding

-                Establishment of Dutch-Romanian Maritime Knowledge Centre

-                Newbuilding of seagoing and inland vessels for shipyards and shipping companies

-                Shiprepair and conversion projects for Shipyards and Shipping Companies


Interim management

-                Newbuilding Shipyards

-                Repair Shipyards

-                Ship-Kits factory


Ship-Newbuilding and -Repair Supervision

-                projects for Shipyards and Shipping Companies



Associated member of VNSI (Vereniging Nederlandse Scheepsbouw Industrie)

Albcon founded 1996, Shipyard and Shipbuilding experience from 1976